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We are looking for the perfect home for 10 month old Judy .... She has lived so far , with a human who is home all day , walks in the forest and swims in the ocean . She is a bright, energetic and sometimes "willful" girl :o) but always loving life to it's fullest. I say the perfect home because its going to be hard to let her go...so it has to be perfect. She has had a very good start in life and is now going through some training so she can learn to not be so impulsive ( who knew that not everyone wants to say hi and be jumped on ! ) and working on recall . Either someone who will do agility, rally or even obedience ( she might find that too dull ) Or simply someone who is at home and will be active , on a lake , hiking or anything that keeps her active. She is very easy to live with , settles well at home and is quite affectionate .... Please feel free to get in touch if you think you are a candidate for Judy 
403 926 4984



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