Every now and then , I get a puppy that I would like to be able to show and/maybe like to breed if everything clears and turns out…
Co-ownership is really whatever 2 people agree on. The pro’s for me is that it keeps me in the loop to have something to show and it gives me access to pedigree’s I don’t want to lose… I live with 2 dogs and thats what I can do well….feeding, vetting , exercising etc…and I work full time in the city.
For you , the pro’s are that when we show , your dog is groomed , taken to classes and then shown…all great things for your dog …you are welcome to come watch !The dog also gets all their clearances, just a nice thing to know
If it all goes well and we breed , your dog would come to my house to have puppies…at 3-4 weeks , you are welcome to come and visit …again , a great experience . At that point , if she has more than 3 puppies ..you get your purchase price the puppy back or a puppy back…I dont want this to be a motivating factor but it bears mentioning . If at any point I dont think she isn’t turning out to be what I wanted…I will let you know and you can get her spayed.
The cons for you to think about are that they come in season at about 10 months and then every six months after that …it doesn’t bother most people but something for you to think about. Also , I will have her for approx. 2 months when she has puppies.
Financially , you are responsible for all her regular care, food , vetting, daycare, kennelling , exercise etc. I am responsible for all things show and breeding related.
Its not for everyone but if you are interested ….let me know on your application and we’ll chat …